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I've learned a lot over the years.  I've made mistakes that I didn't think I could recover from.  All of it has humbled me and made me appreciate this journey.

 Life is a journey with problems to solve, choices to make and things to learn.  

I want to share my experiences, wisdom and challenges with you.  

I'm an American griot. I am also internationally known as the Black Man with a Gun (TM).  Thanks for listening, downloading and subscribing to this show.  I'm hoping to entertain, inspire and make you smarter from the things I've done and still trying to do. 

I'm into fishing, motorcycles, cigars, family, music, guitars, guns and typical "man stuff."  If you are, come join me here. 

It's not all old stuff either.  I'm here to learn and grow.


“When you know better, you can do better.”


Rev Kenn Blanchard 

Aug 27, 2020

I started another podcast to be all Kenn All the Time.  I am still pro-gun but I am also a guy that loves Christ, life, family, guitars, motorcycles and the outdoors. As I travel on this journey, come with me and listen to the folks I meet.  This week I found a new friend that is here in the Nations Capital to protest all that is wrong in America.  You won’t find a debate here.  Listen and think for yourself.  


new website under construction.

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