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I've learned a lot over the years.  I've made mistakes that I didn't think I could recover from.  All of it has humbled me and made me appreciate this journey.

 Life is a journey with problems to solve, choices to make and things to learn.  

I want to share my experiences, wisdom and challenges with you.  

I'm an American griot. I am also internationally known as the Black Man with a Gun (TM).  Thanks for listening, downloading and subscribing to this show.  I'm hoping to entertain, inspire and make you smarter from the things I've done and still trying to do. 

I'm into fishing, motorcycles, cigars, family, music, guitars, guns and typical "man stuff."  If you are, come join me here. 

It's not all old stuff either.  I'm here to learn and grow.


“When you know better, you can do better.”


Rev Kenn Blanchard 

Feb 17, 2020





Today, I know the difference between love and lust.  

That wasn't the case 20 and 30 years ago. Lust is an intense sexual attraction to another person.  You just want to do what biology is calling on you to, by any means necessary.  It is fueled in your mind by fantasy and competition.

 You want to "hit the bottom" or knock a hole in that thing.

It's goal directed.  It's addictive.  It's self centered. You just can't wait to get in to it. Oh I remember those days.  When it is mutual, it can be animalistic. When it is not it violates. It can endanger.  One of the only good things about lust is can be what starts a good relationship.  It can be what allows for deep physical connection, if we survive the fire.

When your hearts on fire, smoke gets in your eyes.

Lust feels like love until its' time to make a sacrifice. Love and lust, however, are not identical and can appear in any combination, with or without the other, fluctuating between the two states over time. Love is a basic human need that keeps us bonded to the people who matter most. A secure, loving attachment with a romantic partner involves a deep affection, trust, and acceptance of a person, with all of their flaws.

I want to tell you about a girl I lusted after.  She had a serious hour glass figure.  When she wore her red, she could stop traffic.  Police officers used to follow us, just to see her. She had a peek a boo bra. She was big up top. She was hotter than Georgia asphalt.  She spoke with a low deep voice.  She was not good for me. She was a 1971 Chevy Corvette.  She had a big block 454 engine with a Edelbrock blower peaking out of the fiberglass hood.  It had hard detachable t-tops. In the summer, you could feel the temperature from engine compartment.  It didn't have A/C.  The motor was so powerful it had chains assisting the motor mounts.  You could torque the frame with the RPM of the engine. She growled when she idled.  She got 10 miles to the gallon in the city. 12MPG on the highway under 60.  She got respect and a lot of looks.  I had to park her away from other cars.  She was horrible in bad weather.  She slid on wet pavement like a ice skater.  It was lust.

She gave nothing back. When you want a cool car, it is lust.  The car can't and doesn't love you back.  It is one sided. Lust is like that.  There is no commitment.  She'll put you down in a out of the way place.  She'll wear out, or be sold for something newer. You don't do that with a person you love.

15 Rules For a Loving, Lasting, and Satisfying Relationship

by Janet C Hall and Steven R Hall | Dec 13, 2019

Conversation with the authors of 15 Rules, Janet C. Hall and Steven R. Hall, authors.